Greatest Hijack

You reading this is the proof that your mind has been hijacked!!!

You have been trained in exactly the same way that a laboratory mouse is trained to run through complex mazes.

You ARE the mouse that you have in your hand.

In the 1970’s, a bunch of American college dropouts pulled off The Greatest Hijack Of All Time.

A mature technology, the Dictionary, had existed for 4,300 years, but the dropouts succeeded in transforming every literate person in the world into a (computer) illiterate person.

With terrifying speed, every educated person had to undergo the painful, laborious, wasteful, demeaning, training given to mice in the laboratory.

Rewarded when they learnt to traverse the Psychotic Mind Maps of the college dropouts.

Punished, and discriminated against, if they didn’t.

They had to look for the “Print” command hidden with the cheese in the “File” cluster.

Irrefutable Proof of Mind Map Psychosis

NO computer company has ever, or will ever, produce ANY internal documentation organised in the Psychotic Mind Maps that they force onto their customers, the computer users.

ALL Computer Documentation, for use by internal and external programmers, is indexed ALPHABETICALLY.

Computer Companies force everyone to use Psychotic Mind Maps that they are quite unable to force on their own employees!


A Computer User Interface for the rest of us: EZsmartphone


In order to earn a living, every Educated person must be Re-Educated, like a laboratory mouse, to run mazes. The fastest maze runners get the highest rewards. They are the “computer experts” – mice that whizz through Psychotic Mind Maps.

If computer commands are (also) organised alphabetically, then every literate person would automatically be computer literate. Any educated person could easily find “Print” in an alphabetical list of commands.