2 Rule Taxation

A Proposal to reduce Taxation for Everyone and to Increase the Government Budget for Social Needs

1) Reduce Budget

The government spending limit for next year is 10% less than for this year, so taxation is reduced for everyone.

2) End Double Taxation

ALL costs of tax collection come out of the Budget, thus curbing wasteful tax collection.

3) The result

Curbing wasteful tax collection results in the Government having more money for Social Welfare, Health, Education etc.


If the budget that the government is entitled to is 100 Billion, and the cost of collecting the 100 Billion is 10 Billion, the government receives only 90 Billion.

If the taxpayer also pays for the tax collection it is double taxation. E.g. if the government levies VAT, then the full cost of the massive VAT tax collection infrastructure is borne by the government. If the government levies Income Tax, then all the costs of Income Tax collection, including the time spent filling in forms, and all costs associated with employing tax accountants, are borne by the government.