A Tragic Women’s Game

Only a Minority Play

One on one dialogues between a man and a woman have a good chance of being healthy, with opportunities for mutual Respect and Trust to develop.

Women, in pairs or groups, are almost certain to win the Male Humiliation Game. Winning at this game, is very tempting, and can even be compulsive for some women.

The man is an easy target, and they can place their end game point anywhere between making a fool of him and humiliating him.

Sensitive men are prized targets. Their vulnerability makes their wincing very visible.

In pairs or groups, an older woman – sometimes the mother – can easily “override” the normal curiosity and innocence of the younger, with “the voice of experience”. Thus a high speed emotional data transfer of bad experiences, and dire warnings, takes place. These prejudices will postpone – and can even destroy – the chances of some woman ever establishing a trusting relationships with a man.

Skilled players instinctively match the end game point to be just below the man’s masochism overdose level, so he will come back for more.

If they are only making a fool of the man, he may be too dumb to even notice!

But the Majority Pay

Whilst it is clearly only a minority of women who play the Male Humiliation Game, it is the majority who pay the price:

  1. Lower pay;
  2. Discrimination at work;
  3. Domestic violence;
  4. Rape.

How could the Male Backlash be different?

Can Women Liberate Themselves from Playing the Male Humiliation Game?

Beatles: Three cool chicks made three fools out of three cool cats.