A World Language with a Thousand Words

Academics believe that with 1,000 high-frequency words you should be able to understand about 72 per cent of a written text, so it’s an important first hurdle in breaking through communication barriers internationally. More…

There are about a thousand new words added to the English Dictionary each year.

There are about 7000 living languages in the world.

Let’s have an International TV show (along the lines of the Eurovision Song Contest) where academics from each language submit two words for inclusion in the final thousand words, to the jury TV audience.

1000 words will contribute to world peace through tourism.

Finals take place over say 20 episodes on world TV. Each episode choosing 50 words to make up the 1000 word total.

The 1000 words are taught as part of the language curriculum in all school systems throughout the world. All school leavers should have the 1000 word language vocabulary by the time they leave school.