Tourist Safety & Plane Hijacking

Establish a Global Emergency Phone Number

The use of digital telephone exchanges, by multinational phone operators, makes it a simple affair to have a single global emergency telephone number.

The global number does not replace the local number. Both numbers get redirected to the same call center – with the obvious bonus that the calls coming from the Global Number can be directed to multilingual operators, whilst calls to the Local Number are directed to native language only speaking operators.

Countries that refuse to cooperate and adopt the global number should be seen as being unsafe for travellers.

Replace the No Smoking sign with the Global Emergency Phone Number

The only plane on 9/11 to not hit the target was United Airlines Flight 93.

several passengers and flight attendants learned from phone calls that suicide attacks had already been made by hijacked airliners

Phone calls made by the passengers stopped the hijackers from achieving their goal.

All flights are non smoking, but the illuminated no smoking symbol is still there.

Aircraft No Smoking and Fasten Seatbelt Sign

Reduce the hijack threat by replacing the now obsolete no smoking sign with the single, global, emergency telephone number.

Aircraft Tel No. and Fasten Seatbelt Sign