Hate Factories

The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Definition of a Hate Factory

Anything that creates, or helps distribute, material which is clearly designed to incite anyone to harm another human being.

Hate Factories Result in Child Sacrifice

Child Pawn

The ultimate child abuse is to indoctrinate children with so much hatred that they are prepared to commit suicide.

They become pawns in the game of the despicable politics driving us towards the next world war.

In a war, our survival is threatened.

Factories producing bombs are a primary target.

Hate Factories produce suicide bombers. They should be our primary target. How insane is it to wait for the war that they will inevitably create?

One Key to World Peace is Eliminating Classroom Hatred

Children are the key to the future survival – or self-destruction – of our civilisation. For our survival, hatred must be eliminated from all classrooms everywhere in the world.

All schoolchildren, from all ethnic groups, should learn to live at peace in a world with other ethnic groups.

An Intelligent Use of 1% of the Defence Budget of a Country

Countries participating in the global drive to destroy Hate Factories contribute 1% of their defence budget into a fund.

Half of the fund is used nationally, and half internationally.

National Use of the Fund

Student exchanges, and even kindergarten exchanges, are set up in all cities where there are police, or tourist, no-go areas, as these areas are obviously breeding hatred.

Another student exchange opportunity to reduce hatred is in areas where there is gang warfare.

Eliminating Hatred in A Reflection on School Integration

International Use of the Fund

Student exchanges are set up for countries, and country regions, that breed hatred.

Something Organised Like the Eurovision Song Contest

We can all participate in a world TV judgement of Hate Factory material.

For Hate Factories Producing Physical Media

If judged guilty of Hate Incitement, then send a request that all physical Hate Media should be publicly destroyed (preferably by burning) within two weeks.

Should the two week notice be ignored, then a Hate Factory Disuasion Phase is initiated.

All infrastructure involved is targeted for the Hate Factory Disuasion Phase, from the Ministry of Education or whoever is authorising or financing the Hate Factory, down to printing presses.

After many TV, newspaper, and social media warnings, purpose designed drones, circling around the Hate Factory in daylight, are used to get people to flee from the target area, using leaflets, loudspeaker warnings, black smoke, and firecrackers before the Hate Factory Disuasion Phase of the Hate Factory takes place.

The Hate Factory Disuasion Phase

This consists of dropping natrual, biodegradable, products which produce a strong disgust reaction, so people need gas masks to enter the site.

The Hate Factory Disuasion Phase can escalate to perhaps introducing flies  and wasps to deter people from entering Hate Factory areas.

There is no intentional loss of life during the Hate Factory Disuasion Phase.

However, should a “Human Shield” strategy be adopted, where women, children, and other defenceless people are forced to be in the physical zone targeted for the Hate Factory Disuasion Phase, then War Crime Forces are deployed to bring every individual, at every level, that planned and executed the policy of causing harm to innocents, to justice.

For Hate Factories That Broadcast

We can imagine many escalating levels of handling the situation. For example, if the infringing broadcast lasted one hour, then a request to shut down the broadcasting station for ten hours during the following two weeks is sent to the broadcasting organisation.

If this request is ignored then electronic warfare methods can be used to jam all broadcasts for 100 hours.

In cases of multiple repeated infringements, tiny, purpose designed drones are deployed. They simply home onto the broadcast signal, and explode on impact, destroying the transmitting capability of the aerial with minimal physical damage, so nobody gets hurt or killed..

Tourism & Trade

Money earned by tourism and trade feeds the Hate Factories.

Do we want to support countries that engage in child sacrifice?