Child Sacrifice

The line separating good and evil passes not through states, nor between classes, nor between political parties either — but right through every human heart — and through all human hearts. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Hatred Creates Child Sacrifice

In a war, our survival is threatened.

Factories producing bombs are a primary target.

Hate Factories produce suicide bombers. They should be our primary target. How insane is it to wait for the war that they will inevitably create?

One Key to World Peace is Eliminating Classroom Hatred

Children are the key to the future survival – or self-destruction – of our civilisation. For our survival, hatred must be eliminated from all classrooms everywhere in the world.

All schoolchildren, from all ethnic groups, should learn to live at peace in a world with other ethnic groups.

Eliminating Hatred in Democratic Countries

Democratic countries have a duty of care for future generations to eliminate the breeding of ethnic hatred in their schools and classrooms. Schools and classrooms that breed hatred should be shut down.

Eliminating Hatred in A Reflection on School Integration

Eliminating Hatred in Non Democratic Countries

We can all participate in a world TV judgement of their educational material. If found guilty of Hate Education, then send two weeks notice of Hate Factory destruction, to prevent loss of life. Then destroy all the infrastructure, from the Ministry of Education or whoever is authorising or financing the Hate Factory, down to printing presses, and broadcasting stations.

After many TV, newspaper, and social media warnings, purpose designed drones, circling around the Hate Factory in daylight, are used to get people to flee from the target area, using leaflets, loudspeaker warnings, black smoke, and firecrackers before a physical destruction of the Hate Factory takes place.

Child Sacrifice is the Goal of the Hate Factories

Child Pawn

The ultimate child abuse is to indoctrinate children with so much hatred that they are prepared to commit suicide.

They become pawns in the game of the despicable politics driving us towards the next world war.

Tourism & Trade

Money earned by tourism and trade feeds the Hate Factories.

Do we want to support countries that engage in child sacrifice?